Online Advertising is the most important development in the field of communication, as a powerful and effective means of promotion and visibility. It aims to strengthen and benefit from our existing classic activity and not to replace it, because now the scene due to Coronavirus has completely changed.

In order to contribute to these difficult times, we all go through, against the “invisible enemy”, we have done the following:

  • Identify targeted professionals in Greece and abroad with the help of other organizers (7000 companies Tourist – Folk Art Items – Accessories – Toys – Seasonal – Ecclesiastical Items – Traditional Products – Herbal Cosmetics – Wedding & Christening Items)  to give you the opportunity – through our page, to access a global customer base, frequent-daily visits.
  • We enable your business to strengthen its partnerships with a large network of suppliers, resellers, stores, distributors from the Nordic countries, the North Balkans and the South Balkans, Russia, the former Soviet Union, Central Europe, the East and the West Europe, Australia, America, Canada.
  • At the same time, we provide your company with the opportunity to strengthen its relationships with customers, to maintain contacts, to exchange information, to offer Business-to-Business services (B2B)
  • We help improve the public image of the business.
  • We enable residents living in remote areas to have access to products or services.

A list of the logos of your companies will be listed in our website, in alphabetical order and by the type, which will be linked with your business page or Facebook.
Please make sure your page has contact numbers, such as, Viber, Skype, E-mail address.

Participation fee is € 50.00 for one calendar year.

Additional Banner Advertising feature: Banner is the oldest and most popular form of online advertising. These are small rectangular icons of various sizes, which aim to attract the interest and attention of the online audience.

With kind regards,

Lilian Sarafi