For exhibitors


The goal is for the involved entrepreneurs in the field, the strongest-informed companies, which support the stores with their sample, to be under the same roof, in places corresponding to their expectations, in a joint event that will help:

Display capabilities

Showcase your business in the best way. Differentiate yourself from the competition and highlight your products.

The promotion of any company or product that has not entered into a contract with the organization is PROHIBITED.

Space options


The rental price for the sampling in the hotel’s showrooms
CAPSIS is from 72 € / sqm. up to 48 € / sq.m. And in front of each reception 70 € / sqm, in the rooms
is from 34 € / sq.m. , in closed private rooms is from 28 € / sqm up to 25 € / sqm.


Monastiriou 16, Thessaloniki 546 29


The rental price for sampling at SPACELAB showrooms is
55 € / sqm.


Monastiriou 18, Thessaloniki 546 29