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By Lilian Sarafi


Tourist, Folk Art Items, Accessories, Toys, Seasonal, Church Items, Traditional Products, Herbal Cosmetics.

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On June 15, you will be notified of the new dates of the sampling of the 28th MODA GAMOS VAPTISIS ACCESSORIES 2020 and VERGINA 2020.

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1988 – Now

Creating proposals for events that meet the requirements of customers and presenting proposals within the deadline.

Maintaining a working relationship with suppliers and spaces.

Design aspects of events such as space, seats, food and guest list.

Assign event planning tasks to other staff members, where required.

Demonstration to customers of the strong knowledge of the spaces and the offers of the suppliers and the customers in the tours of the possibilities of the space.

Coordinating entertainment events such as music, performers and speakers.

Stay on budget while designing event specifications.

Issuance of invoices and timely collection of payments and creation of complete and legible financial reports.

Managing and supervising events during the day, including problem solving, hosting, event management, staff communication and supplier organization.

Communicate with the marketing team to create effective ads for each event and, where necessary, create marketing material such as print and online ads for individual events.

Forecasting and planning for different scenarios.

Creating sales opportunities for future events during customer contacts and events, including the company’s strong knowledge of promoting these sales opportunities.

Scheduling multiple events simultaneously.

Design and implementation of communication programs.

Organization of information campaigns, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, etc.

Participation in the training and implementation of promotional services.

Designs and implements campaign programs and public affairs programs to influence decision-making centers (lobbying).

Participates in the design and implementation of market research programs aimed at exploring the communication needs of the company or organization it represents. Participates in the preparation and implementation of in-house communication programs

Become a market leader too!

Lilian Sarafi

See the reasons to visit us, what you will find in the samples and discover our places.

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Why us

Because we are chosen for sampling

-We bring together the best professionals to offer you their new products, in 5 levels that combine privileged location, luxury and comfort, at even cheaper prices!

– We bring together professionals with goals and vision and the strongest and most up-to-date companies in the market, which have been supporting the stores with their samples, for years.

– We respect your time! Through substantial sampling, having the best professionals gathered in the same space, you will be able to plan the production or marketing of your products, easily and quickly!

– Our visitor will enjoy a fully organized exhibition, without getting tired. Travel easily to us and book your room within the hotel of the exhibition.

Lilian Sarafi believes that…

-Living meetings are business, they create business relationships and collaborations, they are the best way to strengthen ties with our partners and the best way to connect with the biggest and best in the market.

-Samples are the most economical way to liven up our business, promote our products and make sales.

-Samping is the ideal environment for new contacts, closing agreements and establishing the profile of our company in the market.

Choose carefully, make small and smart investments that will put you on a growth trajectory!


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